Once a month members meet to discuss several issues concerning our chapter. The chapter meets on the third Thursday of each month. We meet at the EZ's Brick Oven and Grill restaurant located at the corner of IH 281 and Bitters Rd.

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To become a member you will have to pay an annual fee due at the moment of joining the chapter. A membership application must be filled out with your personal information.

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Weekly Rides

The regular weekly rides usually involve going out to the Hill Country northwest of San Antonio. Most mornings this ride departs from the Exxon station at the northeast corner of Highway 16 (Bandera Road) & Circle A Trail, in Helotes, Texas. The start times are usuually 7:30 am with kick stands up at 8:00 am. This is done to beat the heat. Please be sure to see the San Antonio BBS for up to the minute updates as to the actual depart point and times. Lately we have had frequent Saturday rides (SaMR) scheduled as well as the occasional Sunday (SMR) and Friday (FMR) morning rides.

Before you ride...

Proper motorcycle maintenance and appropriate safety gear are required for TSBA rides. Do yourself a favor, make sure all of your gear is in tip top shape before you go out for a ride. This protects you as well as your fellow riders. Many TSBA members wear full leathers on street rides, even in the summer months. Leather will save your hide!

Please be sure of the following:

  • Tires: proper tire pressure, tread, and free from nails or defects
  • Chain: clean, lubed, adjusted, kink free and in good repair
  • Full Face Helmet
  • Sturdy ankle high boots
  • Leather or textile jacket
  • Full length pants
  • Leather gloves

During the ride...

The atmosphere of our rides is a moderate pace with plenty of stops to recharge yourself and your bike. You are responsible to keep the rider behind you in sight, and relay hand and foot signals indicated by the ride leader. When our ride takes us on a different path we like to either regroup at that point, or have a rider stay at the turn to ensure those behind do not miss it. When we get to the technical stuff, we don't pass ANYONE, unless that rider waves you on. And if you see you are holding someone back, be sure to wave them on in a safe spot where they can navigate around you without harm. Do not leave the group ride without advising someone in the group, we will stop the group ride and look for you if you don't tell us, we'll assume that you may have spilled or broken down. But most importantly ride YOUR ride and have a blast!!